Want Coaching but not ready for personalized sessions?

Join the Group Sessions which are 90 minutes per week for up to 8 owners!

1 + 1 does not = 2

Harness the power and synergy of a motivated group of business owners. Learn together, share experiences and leverage this network to help you grow your business. Each 90 minute session will follow a structured agenda based on a maximum of 8 total owners. If there are fewer in the group the call might be shorter but will likely just spend more time on each owner's Win and Question.

1. Each owner highlights their 'Win' of the week - 3 minutes each (max 24 min)

2. Each owner asks a question for the group to help answer - 5 minutes each (max 40 min)

3. Coach led Silver Bullet learning session - 18 minutes

4. Each owner offers #1 takeaway from the session they can immediately implement in their business - 1 minute each (max 8 min)


There is incredible power in working in a group environment with like other like-minded business owners who often share many of the same challenges.


As you create trust and credibility within the group the ability to work and learn together grows exponentially and each participate becomes both mentor and mentee in the same session.


I am not known for sugar coating anything. I believe in authentic and transparent communications. I will be respectful but I will tell it like I see it. If I agree with you I am not being a YES man but rather like what you are thinking or where you are going and will work to find ways to build on and improve things.

About Take Action Results Coaching

At Take Action Results we work with you using the Socratic method which is a form of dialogue. It is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.


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