Is Business Coaching Right for You?

What is business coaching, how does it work and what can you expect.

"I will not tell you what to do. It is your business and you make all the decisions."

How do business coaches help then?

I work with you to examine all aspects of your business in detail. I will ask questions, offer perspectives and feedback and guide you through your options. I will help you move from your Comfort Zone through Fear, Decisions, Learning and Growth to your Success Zone.

When you make the decisions you are much more likely to embrace them, act on them and be accountable for them. When you do this you will get results!

As your coach, I will help you in 3 primary ways

Plans, Processes and Tools

Together we will work through a proven systematic process specifically designed to take your business to the next level. I will provide resources, tools, strategies, tactics and plans to assist you to get things done.

Focused Training, Guidance and Transparent Feedback and Perspectives

It can be very challenging to see things clearly when you are immersed in your business. I will help you to see the whole picture and get your working on and not just in your business.

Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

This is the 3 legged stool of leadership and stewardship. If one leg is missing the stool cannot stand alone. I will be your accountability coach helping you stay focused and on track to your Success Zone.


Your Path to the Success Zone

Become a Better Owner

Develop business and leadership skills, understand the importance of mindset and create habits for success.

Plan, Execute and Manage

Start with an overarching Strategic Plan that leads into Tactical Plans for all areas of the business. Create strong KPI's to track and measure progress and outcomes.

Build and Implement Systems

Leaders create and manage Systems for marketing, sales, teams, operations and financials. The Systems inform and guide the business.

How Coaching Works

The most important commitment you will make is your time. Once it is gone, it is gone forever, so we have to make best use of it and drive outcomes and results as quickly as possible.

Our Agreement

A business coaching relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. I will provide you with the tools, techniques, advice and support you need. You will meet your time and effort commitments to work on and improve your business outcomes and results.

There is no long term commitment. If it's not working out for either of us, we simply admit that and move on. 

State of the Business

We will kick off with a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your business. We need to know exactly where you are right now, identify the key problems and challenges you are facing and where we need to focus first. 

Our first meeting will be tailored to complete that review and determine immediate next steps in the initial 90 day plan. 

Weekly Meetings

We will meet virtually in a structured and organized way. We use the meetings to provide personalized one on one business coaching. We will be highly focused giving you the education and support you need whether it is in sales and marketing, finance, operations or personal and professional development.

The Investment

Business coaching is an investment and must deliver an ROI. By diligently completing the initial assessment and quickly fixing 'low hanging fruit' type problems, I strive to generate more than enough new revenue and gross margin to cover my fee. The lessons learned can be applied long term to other personal and professional ventures. 

My fees begin at $1250 per month and most clients typically work with me between 9 and 15 months.

Results are Guaranteed.

Investment presumes there will be a return. Coaching will pay off over the long term - and I guarantee results using what I call a 'Find your Fee' model. Assuming we are a good fit and you keep up with your end of the agreement, my guarantee is that after 4 months of coaching, you will earned my fee over and above what you are earning now or I will continue working with you at no cost until we achieve that milestone or for 4 months, whichever comes first. No ifs, no ands and definitely no buts.

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