Business Coaching for Practitioners - Therapists, Counsellors, Chiropractors, Dieticians, Dentist and Opticians (Advisory Practices)

Build an enduring business that grows organically, is highly profitable and most runs without you.

 Experiencing any of these very common Advisory Practice Problems?

Like many advisory practices, you are probably challenged in 3 main ways!

time problems

Without me this place would collapse. What is a vacation? I am seeing clients/patients all day and then still have to deal with all the other issues and just have no time. I know I should figure this out but I am spending all my free time firefighting!

money problems

Billings seem great so why am I always worried about making payroll and submitting taxes? I get tons of reports from my accountant but have no idea what most of them are telling me?  

team problems

I had no idea managing a team could be so stressful. I seem to always be short at least one person. I really need to make changes but cannot afford the time or energy to have to replace people. I have to constantly double check work and sometimes have to redo things myself. 

Confused? Frustrated? 


 Here is why you are where you are and in this situation.

As mentioned earlier, you are not alone. The vast majority of advisory practice professionals issues and challenges distill down to 2 very common things.

No experience building, leading and managing a team

Building and leading teams is hard. Without extensive training and experience it can be a daunting task that continually takes you away from what you love to do. As you grow your team you need to learn how to hire the right people, train them properly, manage them effectively and lead them with empathy and compassion. You need to become a leader.

no background, experience or training in running a business

You are probably awesome at what you do. You have years of formal education, apprenticeship, residency and experience in your field or profession. You could be the best chiropractor or optician in your region and still be struggling. Don't beat yourself up - those couple or few lectures you did get were not enough to teach how to run a successful and well rounded business from A-Z including finance, operations and most of all sales and marketing!

Your education probably cost you years of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The good news is that you can learn what you need to build and grow a successful business with a comparatively small investment in time and money.

So what can Business Coaching do to Help?

Think of the very best athletes in any sport and what do they all have in common? They practice the fundamentals (or basics) relentlessly every day. They are open to fresh thoughts and ideas, in order words they are teachable. Finally they all have coaches. Here are the 4 most common reasons practitioners like you hire business coaches (in their words)

  1. I need help putting together a strategic plan for the long term, especially if I ultimately want to build a practice I may want to sell one day.
  2. I need help being accountable on an ongoing basis to make sure I focus on and get the right things done.
  3. I need help with developing and implementing team building and management plans to create and lead the organization critical to getting me off this rollercoaster.
  4. I need help turning my understanding and interpreting my financials so I can make better decisions, create more profit and set the stage for long term time and financial freedom.

    About Take Action Results Coaching

    At Take Action Results we work with you using the Socratic method which is a form of dialogue. It is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.


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