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 Working from '8 to Faint' and flip flopping from Feast to Famine?

Like many solo entrepreneurs and business owners, you are probably challenged in 3 main ways!

NOt enough time

Time is that one thing that once gone you never get back. Feel like you are running on a treadmill or worse continually losing ground? Working harder and longer does not seem to solve the problems but rather seems to help you find even more. Need a strategy to get your time under control to get it working for you and not the other way around?

not enough money

When your output exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall! Find yourself awake at night trying to figure out how to 'land' the next client or contract and keep the proverbial lights on? Feel like you bought a job but cannot afford to pay yourself properly? 

not enough clients

Too busy with existing clients you are not able to continue to generate fresh leads and prospect? Completely out of your comfort zone to market and sell? Hung out the 'shingle', worked your network for referrals and not sure what to do next? When you do speak or meet with prospective clients, you struggle with what to say or to know how to proceed?

Confused? Frustrated? 


 Here is why you are where you are and in this situation.

As mentioned earlier, you are not alone. The vast majority of solo entrepreneurs issues and challenges distill down to 2 very common things.

You are trying to do it all alone

Love the independence and not having to answer to anyone? Hate that you are all alone with nobody to run ideas by, delegate to or just hang out with at work? The real downside of being a 'one person band' is you can be so immersed in the business you cannot see the proverbial 'forest for the trees'. It sometimes take a fresh view to see things differently. You never seem to have enough time to get everything done and everything always seems to be a top priority. 

no background, experience or training in running a business

You are probably awesome at what you do. You may have years of formal education, apprenticeship, residency and experience in your field or profession. You could be the best at what you do in your region and still be struggling. Don't beat yourself up - those couple or few lectures you may have gotten were not enough to really know how to run a successful and well rounded business from A-Z including finance, operations and most of all sales and marketing!

So what can Business Coaching do to Help?

Think of the very best athletes in any sport and what do they all have in common? They practice the fundamentals (or basics) relentlessly every day. They are open to fresh thoughts and ideas, in order words they are teachable. Finally they all have coaches. Here are the 5 most common reasons solopreneurs like you hire business coaches (in their words)

  1. I need help putting together a strategic plan for the long term, especially if I ultimately want to transition to a team or agency model.
  2. I need help being accountable on an ongoing basis to make sure I focus on and get the right things done.
  3. I need help with developing and implementing marketing and sales plans to drive leads and conversions and get the clients that will grow my revenue and profit.
  4. I need help differentiating myself from my competitors and I want my clients to become raving fans.
  5. I need help turning my job into a business I can be proud of that allows me the time and money freedom I dreamed of when I started all this.

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    At Take Action Results we work with you using the Socratic method which is a form of dialogue. It is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.


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