Escape Overwhelm!
Raise Your Revenue Generation IQ!

Escape Overwhelm - Raise Your Revenue Generation IQ

Monday October 18 to Monday November 22 from 0900 - 1030 MST 

This Series is SOLD OUT. If you would like to be added to the waiting list you will have first right of refusal once the next Series is scheduled. Email to be added to the waiting list.

Special Introductory Offer - Book any Series that starts in 2021 and pay only $397 and the guarantee still applies.

Escape Overwhelm - Raise Your Revenue Generation IQ

Death of a business is having no new prospects to talk to. Most business owners do not have a background in marketing and sales - if that is you then this Series is perfect. This Series will give you the background and knowledge to consistently bring in new leads, improve conversion to clients/customer rates and grow your revenue, margin and profits. Here are the key outcomes for the 6 sessions in this Series.

  1. 30,000 Foot View, AIDA, Prospect Continuum and Sales Continuum
  2. Ideal Customer Profile
  3. Why choose you and not your competitors? Your USP, Value Proposition and Guarantee
  4. Putting together a Tactical Marketing Plan
  5. Implementing a Sales Management System
  6. M2A2 - KPIs, ROI and more!

Your Investment and Guarantee

Your investment into your business for this incredible 6 week program will only be $497 (so if you do the math like I always do, that works out to only $38 per hour). My guarantee to you is that, if at the end of the program you feel you have not received $497 value, I will refund you up to the full fees no questions asked!

Would you like to participate in this program? Here is the process to get booked!

1. Click on the Save my Seat button. It will take you to my Calendar app where you register - this shows how many 'seats' remain. You will be asked for your name, email, phone and partial address (city and state or province). When you register you will get a confirmation email and a placeholder calendar invitation. 

2. If you book more than 2 weeks before the Series is scheduled to start, Wayne will email you with a invoice to pay your $100 fully refundable deposit. If you register within 14 days of the Series starting you will be emailed an invoice for the full amount.

3. Once you have paid the invoice, you will be emailed a Zoom invite including all the sessions in the Series.

4. If you have not already done so you will be emailed a link to book your 15-20 minute virtual pre call with Wayne. This will allow you to meet, discuss your expectations for the Series and get you set up for Success! 

5. If you booked more than 14 days ahead and have only paid the deposit, you will be emailed the final payment invoice no later than 3 days before the Series commences.

Harness the power and synergy of a motivated group of business owners. Learn together, share experiences and leverage this network to help you grow your business. Each 75 minute session will follow a loose agenda based on a maximum of 10 and minimum of 5 owners or executives.

1. Each participant will do a pre and post Series personal call lasting 15-20 minutes to set the stage. The pre Series call is intended to meet with Wayne, gain an understanding of what you are specifically looking to get out of the Series and confirm this is right for you. The post Series call is an opportunity to confirm you achieved your objective for the Series and offer feedback to Wayne.

2. You will have about 30 minutes of prep work for each weekly session. It could be to watch a video, read a book summary and/or review an online blog or article.

3. Each Series will be 6 weeks but if there is a Statutory Holiday during the Series like Canadian Thanksgiving on October 11th or American Thanksgiving on November 25th there could be an extra week added so the stat can be properly enjoyed by all.

4. Your total time commitment will vary but on average each owner will spend approximately 30 minutes per week preparing for the weekly 75 minute sessions. Over the course of the 6 weeks and including your 2 personalized sessions this adds up to a total of approximately 13-15 hours.

Unsure if this is right for you ? If you are unsure if this is right for you, feel free to book a 15 minute call with Wayne to discuss, no strings attached, by clicking on the button below.