Metrics that Matter

Metrics that MatterYou can watch this 19 minute video or scroll down and read this blog in full. This is an overview of 9 financial and non-financial metrics every business

Sales Management System

Sales Management SystemWhat is a Sales Management System? It’s a practical system for building a top-performing sales force by scripting their approach, managing their activity with a CRM software solution (customer relationship management),

Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer ProfileWhat is an Ideal Customer Profile? If you sell B2B It is a description of the company, not the individual buyer or end user, that is a perfect fit for

Tactical Marketing Plan

Tactical Marketing PlanWhat is a Tactical Marketing Plan? A Tactical Marketing Plan is an aggressive, measurable plan to increase your leads, improve your sales conversion rates, and increase your annual revenue per customer

Prospect and Sales Continuum

Prospect and Sales ContinuumWhat is the Prospect Continuum? It is my way of showing how leads move through a continuum to become clients or customers.What is the Sales Continuum? It is my

Value Proposition

Value PropositionWhat is a Value Proposition? A Value Proposition is a benefit statement or series of benefit statements that are specific to a product or service offer and targeted to a specific buying

Unique Sales Proposition and Guarantee

Unique Sales Proposition and GuaranteeWhat is a Unique Sales Proposition and Guarantee (USP&G)? It’s a persuasive proposition that removes risk and compels your ideal customers to do business with you, instead of your