Press Release from Take Action Results Business Coaching - January 27th, 2021

After 40 years I finally figured out what I am good at!

For the 'story' of my journey and 'pivots' go to Meet Wayne

 As of January 27, 2021 I am 'retired' from working a job and am now working my passion!

Will you Help Me?

I have started a small business coaching practice. We all know people who operate their own business, and I would appreciate your help with a few referrals. My ask is to have a short  phone call ‘meeting’ with you to discuss this and talk about the business owners you know. You can book that meeting at

What’s in it for You?

Thank you in advance for any referrals you offer. For each of your referrals that become clients, I would like to donate in your name to a registered charity of your choice that will typically be between $100 and $300 depending on the agreement with the client. I will let you know when this happens so you can advise me where to make the donation.

My Niche

As a Veteran with 25 years of service in the Regular and Reserve Army, I will focus my coaching business on working with other Veterans who are also business owners in Canada or the US. Many Vets are reluctant to speak about their service and often will not promote it on their business websites or on social media. As a result, they can be challenging to find.

Perfect Client Profile

I am looking for successful business owners that I can help to achieve the vision they have for their future. Who do you know who owns a business and…

  1. Is working a tremendous number of hours (50-70 per week)?
  2. Employs between 5 and 50 people?
  3. Perhaps has mentioned that ‘I am spending a lot of money on sales and marketing?
  4. Perhaps has mentioned that, “Business isn’t as fun as it used to be?”
  5. Perhaps has mentioned that, “Good help is hard to find these days?”
  6. Perhaps has mentioned concerns about the economy?
  7. Is in a professional services firm and wants to expand? (I.e. accountant, lawyer, doctor, consultant, insurance agent, financial planner, etc.)

Referral Process

Let me tell you about the process I will ask any referrals you offer to go through. I will reach out to schedule an initial 15-minute phone call. We will chat about their business, what is working and where they would like to see improvements. We will mutually decide whether there is any value with having a more detailed follow-on complimentary Roadmap to Results coaching session. In that 60-minute virtual session we will explore options to create the desired improvements. There is no risk and no obligation on their part to go beyond the initial 15-minute call. Depending on the timing they may also be invited to register for an upcoming open webinar info session. For more info feel free to visit

My purpose is to contribute to the personal and financial well being of any person who wishes to benefit from what I offer and I commit to myself and them I shall always be ethical, open, honest and sincere in what and how I fulfill this purpose.

To accomplish this I will

          Risk more than others think is safe

          Care more than others think is wise

          Dream more than others think is practical

And I will expect more than others think is possible.

I will measure my success based on this purpose and this purpose alone, knowing and believing that it’s fulfillment on a consistent and persistent daily basis will allow me to realize all my personal, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial goals.


To be able to retire to spend quality time with my children, grandchildren, family and friends and to be able to travel and golf and give back!

Some Fun Thoughts!

            Vision without Action is just a Dream

            Action without Vision merely passes the Time

            Vision coupled with Action can change the World

This change won’t happen all at once. Making a Difference will happen one moment, one event and one person at a time.

So now is the Time for you to

            Design your own unique Destiny

            Create your own Compelling Vision for your Future

            Allow Ethics, Honestly and Integrity to be your Companions


            Dream Big for there is no Magic in Small Dreams

            Work Hard for there is no Reward in the Easy

            Have Fun for there is no Enduring Success without Joy

I invite you to

            Seize the Day

            Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

            Make it Happen for Yourself