Not everyone is a sports fan but almost everyone has heard of Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods or Tom Brady. What do they have in common? Without really thinking about it too much they all share 3 things

They practice the fundamentals (or basics) relentlessly every day
They are highly teachable and open to constructive criticism, feedback and ideas
They all have coaches!

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Don't Take My Word for it!

If you Google 'Why a Coach' you will get over 5 Million results. That is pretty awesome but let's be clear; many of the top listings that show up are paid ads so scroll past them and look for articles or posts from highly reputable business sources like Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine or more. The diagram below is a quick matrix of 4 articles easily found online...

Coaches have Coaches

I am fairly new to formal business coaching but I am not new to many of the specific skills, abilities and experiences that underpin good business coaching. I have extensive experience in Leadership and Team Building (ex-Army Officer), Executive Management, Executive Sales Management, Training and more. I have owned a couple of businesses along the way including one in partnership with my Father so the financials of a business are not new to me. Meet Wayne here.  What is new is pulling all these unique and disparate things together and offering my services as a Coach. So guess what I did? I hired a Coach. Here are the 4 main things I want to get out of being coached..

Accountability. I am a pretty self motivated person. I have been self employed many times in my life and I have a strong work ethic. Unfortunately I can get overwhelmed with all the work in front of me and sometimes lose track of what is most important, what is taking my time and the results I am driving. Having an accountability coach is critical to helping me stay on track to achieve the outcomes, goals and results I have set.
Focus and Feedback. Every new thought or idea is like a shiny new toy, a better mousetrap or the proverbial rabbit hole. My coach gives me a forum to share my ideas and brainstorm them in detail. My coach is unwavering in his feedback - he simply tells it like it is. He is vested in my success so the last thing he wants is for me to off on a tangent and lose sight of my goals and what I need to do to get to them. He keeps me laser focused on the high fun and high 
Professional and Personal Development. Left to my own devices I will always be doing some type of self guided education, learning or reading. My coach has been great at recommending specific materials that better prepare me to work with my clients.
The Systems. Like all businesses, coaching is based on proven systems and methodologies. The main reason people buy franchises is because the systems are all in place. I am part of this coaching program because I am convinced it has everything is place; I just need to execute on the plans, systems, strategies, tactics and techniques. As simple as that sounds there is a tremendous amount to learn to be most effective as using the tools and resources provided. My coach gives me that critical support in making sure I not just understand but can easily explain and use with my clients. Remember knowledge is not power - it is only through the art and skill of applying knowledge that we create power.

So What Do Coaches Do?

For a detailed overview of this visit my page called How Coaching Works. As it is all explained there I will not beat it all up again here. What I will do is tell you that we have learned from working with literally thousand of clients over 20 years that the overwhelming majority of business owners have problems or challenges with Time, Team or Money.  

The graphic above shows how they are all interconnected and all feed into the center to achieve the desires Results. Weakness in one limits your ability to succeed long term. So unless you are an expert in all three of these macro strategies you probably should explore getting some coaching assistance.

Roadmap to Results!

Most of us live in our Comfort Zone. The challenge is unless we expand outside our Comfort Zone we do not grow personally or professionally and if we are a business owner that means our business is probably not growing either. To assist people to understand all this and what the Roadmap to Results looks like I created the following infographic.

The #1 reason we stay in our Comfort Zone is FEAR of something even if we are reluctant to admit or acknowledge it. To get to the Success Zone we have to complete what I call the Success Continuum. We have to move out of our Comfort Zone through the Fear Zone then the Decision Zone then the Learning Zone and the Growth Zone until we make it to the Success Zone. It sounds intimidating but this is where your business coach really matters. At every step of the way the coach is there to provide support, advice and assistance. Coaches are not consultants. I will use a roadmap metaphor to explain the difference. Consultants would prefer you just gave them a big contract to give you a map and maybe some explanations of places to see and visit along the way. Coaches will be your guide with you every step of the way. They will describe all the sites you visit, allow you to ask questions and give you the flexibility to change the route or destination in the moment.

Take it to the next level and see the second infograhic on the Roadmap to Results - The HOW!

Look closely and you can now see that embedded in each zone are specific strategies and tactics to help you navigate to the next zone. I use what I call a series of continuum to reinforce what it takes at each step. Here is what is really cool about this. It can be applied to any personal growth or business growth target. The only thing that changes is within the Learning Zone - it needs to be tailored to the specifics of the individual or business. I am so excited about this concept I will be dedicating an eBook to this real soon! Notice on the right side the Coach only gets formally involved once the client has moved beyond the fear zone.

So What Next?

Simply stated - take the time to look more closely at coaching. It will only take 60-90 minutes of your time to assess whether it is right for you. At some point you need to make a decision and that is often the hardest part. It will cost you money but it is an investment and not an expense. Your coach is committed and motivated to helping you generate additional revenue and margin to more than cover coaching costs in the first couple months and create an awesome ROI. Your greater investment is in your time and effort. You can always find more money but once your time is gone it is gone for good. Here is the process...

Schedule a 15 minute exploratory call

Have an open and engaging conversation to see if coaching might be a fit. Book yours by clicking on the button link above

Roadmap to Results Call

Assuming the 15 minute call goes well, a second more in depth complimentary Roadmap to Results call will be scheduled at a time that works for you and anyone you rely on for important decisions. This one will take at least an hour and will address issues you are facing and some thoughts and ideas on how to work through them.

Decision Time

At the end of the Roadmap to Results call you will be well positioned to decide if a formal coaching engagement is right for you. You will have multiple options to choose from.

Regardless of what you decide here's hoping you achieve all your goals and dreams!

Best of Success!!