Success Stories

Learn how this 5 Steps to Freedom Framework has helped hundreds of other business owners just like you! To be authentic and transparent, I am fairly new to business coaching so I am 'borrowing' these stories from my friend of 10 years who is also my personal coach. Over the past 15+ years John has worked with over 250 clients who rave about this system or program.

What is Wayne like to work with?

Wayne tells it like it is!

Wayne will never sugarcoat the challenge. Respectful - always! Brutally honest - absolutely!

Wayne is a great listener!

I really feel like I am heard when I speak with Wayne. He asks tough questions but he hears me out and forces me to be real.

Wayne tells stories!

Rather than just telling me things, Wayne always finds a way to bring his ideas and suggestions to life with real experiences, anecdotes and stories.

Wayne's favourite question is 'So What?'

This will drive you nuts initially but soon you will realize it is at the core of good decision making!

Wayne focuses on Outcomes!

With purpose and structure, Wayne keeps me doing all the little things that ultimately take me towards the results I am looking for. 

Wayne likes to laugh too!

This is hard work but Wayne constantly searches for ways to lighten the mood. It makes everything much more fun. I really look forward to our weekly sessions!

Construction, Trades and Manufacturing Clients

Working with John as my advisor made a night and day difference in my business. Our revenues went from around $300K - $400K per year to over $3 million per year.

One of John’s innovative approaches is his compounding effect system for calculating leads to conversions and repeat buyers. After implementing this system, we now run almost completely on repeat business – including a very large ongoing contract that we landed in part due to John’s advice during contract negotiation.

John also encouraged me to grow and mentor leaders in the company by building a culture of trust and responsibility. This meant making some tough “de-hiring” decisions, but as a result, we now have experienced, long-time employees who are willing to go the extra mile to support each other or complete a project. It also means that we deliver higher quality work, giving us a competitive advantage over other companies who rely on an ever-changing crew of temporary subcontractors.


Quentin Miller

Vanguard Painting Ltd.

I needed some help to get the business more systematized and running in a consistent, efficient manner.

We have some great people here and I wanted to make sure that things are running the way they should be. I also wanted to feel like we were in control and had measures in place so that we could monitor everything.

I'd been thinking the same thing for four or five years, but I needed some direction to help me make it happen.

John helps me sort out what to do, so it's not just a big blur.

He breaks things down into the steps that need to be taken, and then suggests people and other resources to help to get there. Then we get started and follow up with our progress the next week. He keeps me accountable and on track.

He also provides outside perspective. When you're in your business, you're thinking about the day-to-day operation and you're buried in it. He's not. He's looking at it from the outside – from the viewpoint of somebody that knows many businesses.

I wasn’t 100% sure that John could help because he didn’t have a construction background.

“He worked for the liquor control board. He worked for Tip Top Tailors. How would he understand the challenges of construction? How is he going to help me in my business?”

John showed me that business is business.

I'd heard that said before, but I didn't believe it. Working with John has shown me why.

For example, I wanted to get some very expensive equipment at some point – maybe in 2 years if things went well. I talked to John about it and explained to him that it could do the work of two-and-a-half guys, four times as fast.

He helped me think about the cost of NOT getting it - paying salaries for the guys – and I understood that the sooner I get this, the better off I am! I considered getting a loan, but John suggested leasing. I didn’t think anyone would lease this kind of very specialized equipment, so I’d never thought of it.

Turns out there are companies out there that lease anything! They don't even know what it is, but they’ll lease it to you. They don't care. It's just a piece of equipment to them.

So, we got this equipment and brought it up from the States and within a month and a half we were using it!

John’s big thinking is moving us to the next level.

John doesn't want to do everything for you. He wants you to do it yourself, but he wants to help you see how to remove the barriers.

His methodology is like the old saying about teaching somebody to fish as opposed to giving them one. He gives you resources and examples of people that have done the things you want to do. He gives you the information that you need so that you're not reliant on him indefinitely.

John opens things up and makes you understand why, what makes sense and gives you some extra ideas about how to go about it. He’s helping us move to the next level because he can see, and helps us to see past the immediate limitations.

Chris McBurney

Summit Steel

Advisory and Wellness Practices
Retail and Agencies

John was a model of how to be assertive while still staying heart-centered.

John helped me build confidence and belief in my bigger vision. He helped me build the systems and organization I needed to get there and gave me the reassurance that it was possible.

The biggest thing that I got from John in terms of leadership was a model of how to be assertive while still staying heart-centered. I’d feel stuck a lot of the time – avoiding harder conversations or implementing changes that might be more challenging for me. John taught me to see options for solving problems in a way where everyone ends up feeling good and cared for.

He also helped me develop our competitive strategy – to see who our actual clients were, the value we were bringing to them, why they were committed to us and how we were different from our competition. He helped build my confidence around our pricing. He helped me believe in the quality that we were putting out in our product and why that was worth what it was worth.

John was instrumental in taking my idea for a business to bringing it into fruition.

Working with John felt like getting a business degree, since business was very new to me at the time. He gave me a solid foundation and now when I read books or hear business advice, it’s consistent with what John was talking about. John shared so many resources – templates and documents and worksheets – all foundational, but each with his unique take on it.

The thing that impressed me most about John was his integrity. John has more integrity than anyone else I know. He never said he would do anything without doing it. There were never any false promises. I feel like he really cared about me as a person.

I’m still getting value from the advice I received from John. He was instrumental in taking my idea for a business to bringing it into fruition.


Erika Weissenborn

Fresh In Your Fridge

John provided a very efficient, effective, accelerated learning process to get me up to speed in things essential to achieving my goals for my company.

He’s helped me gain confidence. There is no business education in Grad School for psychology or medicine. You learn your trade and you come out of that well prepared to practice in your field, but with zero knowledge about the business world.

Most people end up just working for a hospital or a university or for somebody else. But those like me who want to build something that stands on its own and maybe employs other people - you're on your own. So, you dive in headfirst and hope that you can swim rather than sink. I was heading for the sinking part.

The business was doing fine financially. We'd been in business for 13 years, turning a profit every year, growing every year, adding people to it. The sinking part of it was more on an emotional level. It was my wife’s idea for me to get a coach.

She was seeing that I was struggling with being out of my depth. The company needed leadership. People were looking up to me for direction and for their livelihood and for their safety.

I now have people dealing with those things that I was trying to juggle.

John stepped in and taught me some good backstrokes and we got going in the area of leadership skills, management, administration of human resources, payroll management. John provided a very efficient, effective, accelerated learning process to get me up to speed in things that are not my background yet are essential to achieving my goals for my company.

I've made some significant structural changes to the company. I've been able to delegate the key functions effectively. I now have people dealing with those things that I was trying to juggle. I hear John's voice: “Isn't there somebody else who can do that?”

John helped me to identify the roles, to have the right people doing the right tasks. People have stepped up to the challenge and blossomed. It’s been a very positive experience for everybody, not just for me.

Hendre Viljoen

Headwise Rehabilitation

Solopreneurs, Professionals, Consultants and Freelancers

John led me to understand, embrace, and sell my value.

When I went through a difficult time personally, he understood that if I couldn't function, then the business was going nowhere. He would switch between the emotional and the business with me so fluidly it would happen in minutes, just depending on what was needed. He gave me ways to communicate with my family, ways to learn to set healthy barriers, helped me see that the best thing I could do was to be a healthy whole human. These skills have been perhaps some of the most useful training for my leadership journey.

He also uncovered something that I wasn't aware of, which is that I'm not a graphic designer. I'm a communicator, a connector, a marketer, and a leader.

At the time I was selling business cards and letterhead and brochures for $500 or $600. He challenged me to sell my consulting services, gave me some guidance to grow in my leadership of clients, and in my first month I made over $10,000 in consulting.

I never looked back.

John saw my potential. He gave me the structure, the business lessons, the life lessons, and the pearls of wisdom at the perfect time to push me through the fears that would stop me.

Through leading me, he taught me to lead others. Now, I want to do that for my team.

I want Rex to be the place where goodhearted leaders are born. My team is amazing and they're talented and I want to develop the leadership in them to expand their influence so that there's more good people in the world of commerce.

I'm constantly complimented on my team.

I'm asked “how do you get your team to run back to their desks? How are they so focused? How do you get them to work like that?”

Leaders don't tell people to do things. Leaders Inspire people to want to do things themselves. They're inspired because they feel valued. They know their potential impact on the clients.

I wouldn’t have been able to develop that culture without John’s guidance and wisdom. I would have the desire, but I wouldn't have had the tools. John taught me how to be a leader by being a leader.


Allison Bran

Rex Marketing

John provided me a whole quiver of very effective tools.

We worked together for 4 months. In those 4 months, he helped me go from 3-4 clients per week to 13-14, which according to other professionals in my line of work shouldn’t have been possible at that stage of my career. Another 3 months later and my practice was full.

John gave me some fantastic advice and valuable opportunities, helped me work through some really tough decisions, and provided me a whole quiver of very effective tools. John’s wealth of experience and expertise are obvious when you work with him.

He is warm and caring, and it was obvious that he was fully and personally invested in my success. Additionally, he knows how to push you in a way that makes you want to kick some serious ass. And who wouldn’t want that?

Jason Winters

PhD Therapist

Are you ready for more success, confidence and control in your business?

My purpose is to contribute to the personal and financial well being of any person who wishes to benefit from what I offer and I commit to myself and them I shall always be ethical, open, honest and sincere in what and how I fulfill this purpose.

To accomplish this I will

          Risk more than others think is safe

          Care more than others think is wise

          Dream more than others think is practical

And I will expect more than others think is possible.

I will measure my success based on this purpose and this purpose alone, knowing and believing that it’s fulfillment on a consistent and persistent daily basis will allow me to realize all my personal, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial goals.


To be able to retire to spend quality time with my children, grandchildren, family and friends and to be able to travel and golf and give back!

Some Fun Thoughts!

            Vision without Action is just a Dream

            Action without Vision merely passes the Time

            Vision coupled with Action can change the World

This change won’t happen all at once. Making a Difference will happen one moment, one event and one person at a time.

So now is the Time for you to

            Design your own unique Destiny

            Create your own Compelling Vision for your Future

            Allow Ethics, Honestly and Integrity to be your Companions


            Dream Big for there is no Magic in Small Dreams

            Work Hard for there is no Reward in the Easy

            Have Fun for there is no Enduring Success without Joy

I invite you to

            Seize the Day

            Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

            Make it Happen for Yourself