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Wayne Fredin

With over 40 years of Leadership, Sales and Coaching experience, Wayne is an inspiring business and sales coach, author and speaker.

As a buisness professional or owner, you already understand the value and power of referrals. Take this knowledge to the next level by applying the lessons of this 27 page eBook. Learn how to create referral programs, Directed Referrals, the importance of being highly specific and targeted and more!!

Upcoming Tips include:

Why Mindset Matters!
Another eBook called Leadership versus Management - a Primer.
The Net Profit Calculator - how to double your net profits with real numbers!

Since I started working with Wayne, the results have far exceeded my expectations. After almost losing my business to COVID, 2021 was my best year ever by far. We are now working on creating systems and processes to continue to grow and I am really excited about the future!

Paul Tinetti, Minneapolis MN

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