Leadership Continuum

The Leadership ContinuumYou can watch this 18 minute video or scroll down and read this blog in full. This is an overview of what I call The Leadership Continuum which

Leadership Development Plan

Leadership Development PlanWhat is a Leadership Development Plan? It’s an intentional process for developing high-potential leaders in your business, incentivizing their long-term commitment with profit-sharing, and laying the groundwork for your eventual succession. Why is

Psychometric Profiling Process

What is a Psychometric Profiling Process? It is a proven process for avoiding mis-hires by using psychometric assessment tools to evaluate and de-select candidates based on position-specific benchmarks. Why is the Psychometric Profiling Process

Delegation Plan

So what is a Delegation Plan? It is a deliberate plan to learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team and ensure they are completed to your standards and expectations. According

Apprenticeship Plan

So what is an Apprenticeship Plan? It is a deliberate plan to identify the lower value tasks in your schedule and train team members to do them for you so you can focus

Employee Acquisition Plan

So what is an Employee Acquisition Plan? It’s a practical plan to win the battle for top talent by consistently generating more than enough leads, screening out non-performers, and using a skills-based test-drive

Organizational Plan

What is an Organizational Plan? It’s a detailed plan to clarify reporting relationships by building an organizational chart and creating job descriptions so work gets done efficiently and your business can sustain long-term